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KC Consult offers its know-how in business management and marketing. On the technical side, my know-how is, repair options in connection with maintenance and accidents at power plants, refineries, production companies, offshore, shipping companies, engine builders, and insurance companies and other service businesses.

In-Situ Machining repair at diesel engines, turbines and machinery.
Consultancy for business managers, marketing, organizing exhibits, preparing strategic plans, care of the customer network, marketing planning and follow-up.

KC Consult is a consulting company solely engaged in inspection and advice.

KC Consult is owned by Kenneth Christensen, who is the former owner of the Metalock Denmark, which has a leading position in the "In-Situ Machining" worldwide.

Kenneth Christensen has since 1970 been engaged in service and all kinds of repairs for industrial, offshore, marine.
Kenneth Christensen was founder and owner of Metalock Denmark until the company was purchased by MAN Diesel in 2008. This know-how in mechanical repairs will be continued into the new company.

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Christensen Holding ApS (KC Consult)
Odinsvej 32
DK-2680 Solrød Strand

Phone: +45 5614 8393

Kenneth Christensen, director
Mobile: +45 2169 2082
E-mail: kc@kcconsult.dk

Kenneth Christensen